Payment Options

The Trustee does not accept personal checks or bill-pay.

Your first payment is due within 30 days of the date you filed your bankruptcy case. Payments must be made monthly including prior to confirmation of your plan.

Phone payments
The Trustee’s phone payment system allows you to make payments from your checking account only over the phone. Debtors should call 1-888-548-0787 and follow the prompts.  There is a $1.50 service fee per phone payment transaction.

Questions regarding phone payments should be directed to Jamie Swenson (Ext 308).

The Trustee’s ePay system allows you to make one-time or automatic monthly payments from your checking or savings account online. Debtors utilizing ePay are much more likely to complete their Chapter 13 plans and the Trustee encourages enrollment in automatic ePay withdrawals. Through ePay, payments can be made online at any time for a $1.50 service fee per transaction.


Please review the ePay section on our FAQ page prior to contacting our office with questions. If you continue to have problems with the ePay system, contact Jamie Swenson (Ext 308).

The Trustee no longer offers ACH payment services for new cases. Debtors now can make one-time and recurring withdrawals from checking and savings accounts online through the Trustee’s ePay system. DEBTORS THAT WISH TO SWITCH FROM ACH TO EPAY MUST INFORM THE TRUSTEE’S OFFICE 10 DAYS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED ACH WITHDRAWAL DATE IN ORDER TO AVOID DUPLICATE PAYMENTS AND POSSIBLE OVERDRAFT CHARGES.

Automatic Wage Assignment
A wage order allows you to make automatic monthly payments directly from your wages. As with ePay, debtors utilizing wage orders are much more likely to complete their Chapter 13 plans. A wage order can be sent to the Trustee at any time, but will only commence following plan confirmation. You should make payments with a cashier’s check or money order until the wage assignment has become effective following plan confirmation. Questions regarding wage assignments should be sent to Patty Halverson (Ext 306) or Jamie Swenson (Ext 308).

Mail completed wage order request forms to:

Office of Trustee Kyle L Carlson
P.O. Box 519
Barnesville, MN 56514

Download Wage Order Request Form (PDF)

Cashier’s Check or Money Order
Cashier’s checks and money orders are acceptable forms of payment. Please write your case number and your name on each cashier’s check or money order. Personal checks are not accepted and will be returned to you and may result in you falling behind on your payments to the Trustee. Questions should be directed to Patty Halverson (Ext 306) or Jamie Swenson (Ext 308).

Cashier’s checks and money orders must be sent to:

Office of Trustee Kyle L. Carlson
2900 Momentum Place
Chicago, IL 60689-5329

Envelopes must have correct postage and addresses on envelopes must either be printed or written legibly to ensure delivery. You should retain receipts for cashier’s checks or money orders in the event the envelope is not timely delivered by the USPS.

Payment History

Payment History Access
Case payment history and trustee disbursement history is viewable at the National Data Center Chapter 13 Case Information website.

If any errors or inaccuracies are found, please contact the National Data Center to report the error.

An annual report of receipts and disbursements will be sent to debtors for review. If any errors are found in this report, debtors should notify the Trustee and their attorney immediately.