Tax Returns and Refunds

Tax Returns
Before your plan will be confirmed, copies of tax returns must be submitted to the Trustee for the tax year preceding the year you filed for bankruptcy protection. During your plan, you must submit copies of your tax return to the Trustee. Tax returns can be emailed to:

[email protected]

Or mailed to:

Office of Chapter 12 and 13 Bankruptcy Trustee Kyle Carlson
P.O. Box 519
55 Southwest 2nd Ave
Barnesville, MN 56514

Tax Refunds
Your plan may specify that you are entitled to retain a portion of your tax refunds and that additional amounts must be turned over to the Trustee. These additional amounts must be turned over to the trustee annually during your plan and immediately upon receipt. This additional payment can be made through the Trustee’s ePay system:


or via cashier’s check or money order to:

Office of Trustee Kyle L. Carlson
2900 Momentum Place
Chicago, IL 60689-5329

Questions regarding tax returns or tax refunds should be directed to Becky Stout.